World Environment Day- Quiz 2021
 Your Rejoin Code is 123456 in case you lost connectivity during the Test. Copied
Quiz timing:  05/06/2021  to 10/06/2021
  • First step is to register by filling all the details.
  • This is a timed quiz with 30 questions; for each question you will get 30 seconds to answer.
  • Each question is of 1 mark and No negative marking for wrong answers.
  • Compulsory to attend all questions.
  • After completing the quiz, you need to click on FINISH button. After clicking on FINISH button answers cannot be changed.
  • Winners will be adjudged on the basis of maximum numbers of correct answers.
  • You can attempt the quiz only once.
  • After completion of quiz those who have answered more than 50% correct answer will get e-certificate.
  • The quiz will start as soon as you click START QUIZ button.